Machine Quilting 2-Day Education Event

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Friday June 14th: 9:30am – 12:30pm & 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Saturday June 15th: 9:30am – 12:30pm & 1:30pm – 4:30pm

With Handi Quilter’s National Educator Lana Russel.

See Lana’s bio below.

North Country Quilters & Sew ‘n Vac is thrilled to announce a collection of classes in June that will allow you to experience the world of longarm quilting. If you have ever wondered whether a longarm machine is right for you, or if you’ve recently purchased one and would like to expand your skills, these classes are perfect for you.  We have three machines in our showroom to choose from, including the sit-down Sweet Sixteen and the stand–up longarms: Amara with ProStitcher and Simply Sixteen.  You’ll learn tips and tricks of the trade that professionals use, and you’ll expand your repertoire of creative quilting techniques.  Classes are a combination of lecture, hands-on time, and live demos.

Feather Foundations.  Friday June 14th: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Feather designs always add a touch of class to any quilt, evoking a positive response from any viewer. Learn to draw and stitch these beautiful elements in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary. Then learn how to fit them in specific geometric spaces, how to turn corners, make feather wreaths, and how to echo and add fills. It’s easier than you think!


  • Basic feather spines and stitching paths
  • Feathered wreaths and swags
  • Fitting feathers within a geometric space
  • Feathered borders
  • Using feathers in an overall design

3 B’s: Backgrounds, Boarder & Blocks.  Friday June 14th: 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Blocks, backgrounds, and borders – these are the basic components of many pieced quilt tops, and there are tricks to quilting them with a cohesive overall look, while creating your own personal style. Learn how to select and adapt designs to complement each area, and how to accomplish the quilting efficiently and easily. Tried and true fillers and “go-to” designs will be featured.


  • Creating a step-by-step plan for custom quilting your quilt.
  • Adapt block designs for borders and sashings
  • How to handle quilting spaces wider than the frame
  • How to create background fills and when to use them
  • How to audition, resize, and adapt quilting designs

Stepping Stones to Quilting Your First Quilt.  Saturday June 15th: 9:30am – 12:30pm

This class is for everyone – whether you’ve never quilted and want to learn, or if you already quilt. You will learn how to prepare the quilt top, resize and apply designs, select batting and backings, baste and all about threads, needles and tension. Bring a finished top, if desired, to discuss ideas and approaches to finishing your quilt.


  • How to prepare the quilt top and backing for quilting
  • Threads, needles and tension
  • How to select, resize, audition and apply quilt designs
  • Batting and basting basics
  • Stitch-in-the-ditch and meander quilting


Fast, Fun And Fabulous Free Motion Quilting.  Saturday June 15th: 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Quilters everywhere LOVE the excitement and fun of free motion quilting – and it’s easier than you think! Create flowing designs by connecting simple design elements with continuous lines, traveling across the quilt or filling in a specific area. Learn how drawing and muscle memory contribute to beautiful free motion quilting, and how to create stunning designs.


  • How to develop an inventory of free motion designs
  • Proper scaling and spacing of design elements
  • Edge to edge free motion quilting
  • Adjusting your quilting path to create your own new designs
  • Using Micro Handles for free-motion control

Class Fees:

  • One Class: $50 total
  • Two Classes: $90 total
  • Three Classes: $120 total
  • Four Classes: $135 total

Lana Russel

Handi Quilter National Educator

Lana learned to sew at age eleven at her local sewing machine store. Garment sewing was her foundation. In 2001, while on a year-long sabbatical from her career as a sixth grade teacher, she discovered her zeal for quilting. Her creativity using textiles continued and she began teaching quilting classes at local quilt shops. Before she knew it, she had a hefty stack of quilt tops awaiting the finishing touch of quilting. She didn’t want someone else to complete her projects, so she set about learning many types of quilt-as-you-go and free motion quilting methods using a domestic machine.

Lana retired from teaching in 2014, and soon after discovered exactly what she had been looking for, the HQ Simply Sixteen® on the HQ Little Foot Frame™. She fell in love with the ease of operation, smaller size and the reduced footprint of the stand-up frame. She learned to free motion quilt, and how to do ruler work and pantographs, while making a dent in her UFO stash.  Before long, her curiosity about Pro-Stitcher® lead her to upgrading to the HQ Infinity® machine with Pro-Stitcher, and Art & Stitch Software, which she has fully enjoyed learning to use it to its full potential.

Lana’s lifelong love of learning and teaching is now being used to train other quilters. She truly has a passion for sharing her knowledge so that others can share in the joy of quilting.

Lana learned to sew at age 11 at her local Singer store. Lana was so intrigued by all of the supplies in her friend’s sewing tote box she spotted while playing at her house that she rode my bicycle home and told her mom she wanted to take sewing lessons.  She found her niche.  Lana made most of her clothes through high school and even made room for her sewing machine (in cabinet) in her tiny college dorm room.  Lana bought her first quilt book when in her early 20’s at the St. Louis Arch Gift Shop.  It was a book about the Cathedral Window and she was intrigued with how that was put together.  She played around with it, but continued to sew garments for her kids while they were young.

Lana got back into quilting when her son and daughter were in middle school, feeding her need for continued creativity.  She took various classes locally and eventually made her way to Syracuse, NY for Quilting by the Lake, and Carmel, CA for Empty Spools.

It wasn’t until Lana took Betty Cotton’s Cotton Theory Class at Camp Cotton in Osseo, WI, in July, 2012, that she found what she was looking for.  Everything just clicked for her and she felt like she now knew this “secret” that made everything so much easier and more fun and had to share it with other quilters. “Quilt first, then assemble” means no more getting down on her hands and knees on the living room floor and pinning the quilt back, batting and pieced quilt top together and then trying to get it through my machine’s throat area or, worse, paying someone big bucks to do it for she. And no handwork; “I’m in.”